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HR Services

We are an Australian managed consulting company
based here in China. We specialize in providing
Human Resource services to western clients
operating in China.

Our HR Director Richard McCooey has more than
20 years line management experience with well known
MNC's. Living and working in China since 2004, he
understands your needs and has the local  knowledge
to deliver the solutions.

We are a multilingual team who are highly
experienced at recruiting professionals in; sourcing,
production, sales, finance and general management roles.

 Our HR services include:

  * Recruiting high quality Chinese managers
  * Staff restructuring services
  * Chinese Labour Law and Labour Contract
  * Management and supervision
  * Salary and retention advice
  * Performance evaluation



                                                                                                     ACT Link HR Team
Wei Wei, 
                                                                                                     Richard McCooey,
                                                                                                     Amber Li


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